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What You'll Find here

 g e a r Skates and Gear
How to buy inline skates (also known as Rollerblades );
maintenance; more...
 l e s s o n s Learn & Improve
Find a certified instructor; attend a Skate Camp; rules of the road; more...
 p l a c e s t o s k a t e Places to Skate
Top Ten Places to Skate; online resources for finding skate routes; more...
 e v e n t s Events and Clubs
Find a skating event; participate in a social skate; join a club; more...

Tours & Travel
Join a Skate Tour; take your skates with you on vacation; more...
 n s p National Skate Patrol
NSP volunteers conduct free braking clinics, offer tips on skate etiquette, and otherwise assist skaters; more...
 r e s o u r c e s Research & Resources
Health benefits; safety and participation statistics; books; more...
 l e g a l & a d v o c a c y Laws and Advocacy
Tips for avoiding/fighting skate bans; ordinances and precedents; more...
 i n d u s t r y Trade & Industry
Manufacturers and other industry members; more...
 c o n t a c t u s Contact Us
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