Inline skating… faster than an Amish buggy and way more fun!

This blogger is digging out from under 5 feet of fresh New England snow, packing her bags for The Great EsSkate and studying for Trish Alexander’s awesome certification course.     If you’re headed to Miami this weekend, like the other 350 or so of us, don’t miss one of the best skate shops on the east coast.   Stop in at Fritz’s and take a look at the 2011 skate lineup, get your skates tuned in their full service skate shop and pick up some blinkies for the Friday Night Skate!   See you back in the tundra next week.  Meanwhile, have a laugh or two on us… a friend sent this hilarious blast from the past and I have to share it. Read about how the inline skating trend started in Intercourse, PA, then send us your favorite blast from the skating past and we’ll post the best of the best next week.


“0wn your roll”

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  1. Allan Wright says:

    We at Zephyr Adventures started running inline skating tours in the PA Amish area in 1998, not long after this article was written. We ran many tours and had hundreds of skaters join us. The highlight were our two (consecutive, one after the other) guides – Levi and then Matthew – both of whom were very Amish and excellent skaters. Unfortunately, the one and only decent quality inn that was right in the middle of our skating paths closed and that tour is now on hold!

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