5 great inline skating (rollerblading) articles to read and share

Inline skaters are a passionate breed.   We have our favorite skates, favorite skate routes, a few great stories and some funky scars here and there.   We occupy that perfect space between runners (who, after 10 miles, all look like they wish they were doing anything but running) and cyclists (who can’t carry their wheels into Whole Foods or Starbucks).    And we always attract those looks.   You know what I mean, the thought bubbles over the heads of people who watch us whiz by… “wow, that looks like fun”… or “I used to do that”.   We’re enviably fit, young at heart and free spirited.    As a group, what we lack in sheer numbers, we more than make up for in soul.

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing more people starting to skate than I can remember in the recent past.   More friends are considering joining our clubs and weekly skates.   Young kids (I mean 5 and 6 year olds) get excited and ask their parents if they can skate with us.   It’s got me thinking we could assemble the “best-of” articles available for this inline skating resource center to use as “friend-sends”.   This week, I humbly submit my top 5 recommendations.  I’m open to challenges.   What’s your most valuable inline skating resource?   What’s to go-to inline skating shop or site you can’t live without?  Something a little off the beaten path?   I’ll do the David Letterman thing and count mine down as a start:

5.  inline skating tips and tricks: this is a little known treasure of funky tips, tricks, drawings and connections – from our friends in the UK.

4.   10 reasons to inline skate: perfect for forwarding to your friends who are on the fence

3.  inline skating disciplines: brush up on your vocabulary and get motivated to branch out a bit

2.  how to buy inline skates: a good place to start answering that question we get most often

1.  where to skate: one of the biggest challenges we face as a skate community is finding the right places to skate in every state and country, and you’ll find a good start right here at www.iisa.org.

Please add your own favorites and send your comments.


“own your roll”

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5 Responses to 5 great inline skating (rollerblading) articles to read and share

  1. Liz says:

    Great post, Colleen! I’m glad you are seeing a growing interest in inline skating where you live and skate. I gave my first lesson of the year today, and now I am getting myself organized for the upcoming season. Thank you for taking care of this blog. It’s a great service to all skaters!

  2. iisablogger says:

    wow, thanks Liz!
    I still have your book, Get Rolling! (http://www.getrolling.com/) and love your site! Hope our readers check it out, too. What’s the best way to find skate instructors for our new, used-to-be, gonna-be skaters?

  3. Pabloo says:

    I like these helpful links. I have been a skater for many years, but I stopped packing my skates for work trips as skating fell out of favor with many local businesses and municipalities (as of now I believe it is still illegal to skate in the the downtown business district of Salt lake). I have been considering upgrading and getting back into taking the skates for transportation as well as recreation. These links will help. Thanks for sparking my interest again.

  4. Hey everyone, My name is Neville Solomon. I’m trying to promote a world where Inline Skating is much more popular than it is now, especially in the US. I want to make it cool again!

    I want to teach people how fun inline skating is, and also help people willing to learn. I launched a website that will be a guide for beginners and others wanting to learn about inline skating at http://www.inlineskateshq.net

    It is constantly updating with new material.

    Check it out!

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