inline skating – a growing sport!?!

There simply aren’t enough exclamation points to convey my excitement about this post.   If you’re looking for statistics, come back in a year.    I’m writing about a tipping point.   I noticed it first in Miami.   Fritz’s was busy selling the newest Rollerblades and K2s (next to a growing wall of derby skates).   I asked the main guy if he was seeing more skaters this year.   “Oh yeah, definitely.”   At the Skate DC event in May we saw a bunch of 12+ year olds tagging along with us for miles.   Road skaters who occasionally hit a park for tricks.   A catch-up chat with Trish Alexander later in the month confirmed it – her classes are filling up.   In fact, some are doubling up.   A stop in a Utah sporting goods shop to get some wrist guards for my brother who’s still using his 80’s Lightnings – they are doubling their orders of Rollerblades.   Can’t keep them in.   Why?  A beautiful new rail trail – the Legacy – that stretches from Ogden to Salt Lake City and more on the way.    A brand new group for Boston generates 25 members in a few short weeks.   Our first free lessons on Sunday drew a crowd of about 30 people who learned how to slow, stop and skate.

We skaters face some obstacles.   It’s harder to find skate shops.   But we have so many choices online and sites like, inline warehouse, and others are making it easier for us to get the right fit with free shipping offers.    It’s a bit tough to get your friends to start skating if they missed the mad rush of the 80’s.   Find new friends to skate with.    Hook them up with one of the dozens of active skate instructors that still teach.   Get involved with your local trail planning community and make sure your voice is heard.  Get out your skates, find other skaters, start a meetup group.   There’s a reason we love to skate.   Share the love and be part of the skate renaissance.


“own your roll”

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  1. Janine Jacques says:

    Great posts! I am newbie to the sport. Just had my second year of inline. GREAT sport, not sure why everyone stopped skating in the 90s – I really look forward to trying that Ogdon Rail trail.

  2. Mike says:

    While it is harder and harder to find brick and mortar shops, online has taken up the slack. There are still actually a lot of different skates to choose from. At you will find a huge selection of skates, buyers guides and other resources to to help any type of skater to get back out there.

  3. Hey everyone, My name is Neville Solomon. I’m trying to promote a world where Inline Skating is much more popular than it is now, especially in the US. I want to make it cool again!

    I want to teach people how fun inline skating is, and also help people willing to learn. I launched a website that will be a guide for beginners and others wanting to learn about inline skating at

    Check it out!

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