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As a self-proclaimed human megaphone for inline skating, I get a lot of questions coming my way.   One I really love is this:  how can become a better skater?   My answer is always:  it depends.

“Better” is an umbrella word for a lot of skating  terms that just happen to start with “S” and each “S” word has a special place in the betterment of skating.   Here are mine and I’d love to know yours.

Safety:  Part “what you wear” and part “where you skate”, safety is about protecting your precious assets with a helmet, wrist guards and, if you’re hell bent on avoiding scars and scrapes, knee and elbow pads.   It’s about giving yourself room to navigate and room to escape whatever unforeseen obstacle crosses your path.   A safer skater is a better skater because you’ll live longer and spend your money on upwheeling your skates, not medical bills.

Skill:  Stopping, controlling your speed, turning, taking the hills, jumping curbs, gliding,  slalom,  navigating traffic – these are all simple but essential skills you can learn and practice.   Get an instructor, watch a video and practice.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, move up to the next level (try the double push) and you will find you improve your …

Speed:  If you’re into improving your speed, it’s essential to have a good way to track how fast you’re skating.  Here are some great apps that give you a pretty accurate read on your speed.   While you’re at it, you can get into a groove and improve your…

Style: Aha! Arguably one of the most elusive and maybe unnecessary, this is completely up to you and your willingness to work at it – or accept what you got.  Practice and plenty of it will improve your…

Stamina:  Whether you’re a distance skater, an aspiring derby dame or dude, or just want to keep up with the speedsters on the hills, you get what you work for in the stamina department.   General fitness is the best foundation.   Hike, dance, cycle, run, play tennis or soccer – it will pay off in your skating.  Add some muscle building workouts and you’ll improve your…

Strength:  It’s not just your legs that need strength for a great skate, though they are the most obvious muscle group.   Check out your glutes after your first marathon and never forget that abs and a strong back are essential to effortless movement.   Get strong and skilled, you’re ready for any…

Surfaces:  There are some real advantages to mastering surfaces: staying stable on cobblestones, getting up and down stairs, moving through puddles, hopping a railroad track or  “tar snake” .  Find out what works for you and practice, practice, practice and you’ll be a lifelong …

Student:  One trait I love about the hundreds of people I meet skating is their curiosity and desire to learn more – about the sport, the equipment, places to go, events, you name it.   Find your inner student and skate for life.

And don”t forget this one:  Serendipity!  While you’re getting better at skating, take time to enjoy the unexpected.

On that topic, I’ll next tell the story of how I met 40 world class skaters in one of the smallest towns in America.


“own your roll”


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2 Responses to skate the world… and the word

  1. I like this post. One of the best lessons I can give is to always start small. We all want to be able to do the big tricks and stunts, but if you start small, learning simple tricks and steps, you’ll not only develop the skill, but you’ll also develop the CONFIDENCE as well.

    Confidence matters a lot when skating.

  2. Asha Kirkby says:

    I wanted to offer your readers the opportunity to use the new Skatefresh Tutorial Skate Apps that are now available for iPhone and Android. I created these apps precisely for the skater who wants to improve and perhaps does not have access to an instructor locally.

    These are the first quality instructional Apps within the inline skate industry and they cover Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level skills and contain information which will take weeks to assimulate.

    Please check out the FREE Trailer to give you an idea about the Apps.

    They are designed as an ‘instructor in your pocket’ whereby skaters learn skate skills by following video tutorials and detailed practice notes. Common mistakes are identified and fixed. Each skate session is structured with the practice notes so that skaters know what to focus on and in what order to practice things in – just like having an instructor with you.

    I am one of the few female instructors at the top of a very male dominated (skate) world and I am the most active Examiner in the world (certifying more new instructors than anyone else for ICP). I am deeply passionate about health and fitness, I practice Bikram yoga (which healed a long term knee problem). I am also a trained shiatsu therapist and practising Buddhist. I have taught clients aged 3 – 83yrs how to skate. I have a video on Youtube with over 130,000 hits.

    I am so excited that finally I can help more people to get rolling safely and have access to the exhilarating health benefits of skating. My moto is ‘Skate Well Feel Alive’!

    I hope this can help more people to love and enjoy inline skating.


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