start 2011 with a resolution to roll – an inline skating story with a happy beginning

It was August, somewhere in rural Idaho, and we were skating on one of the most impressive rail trail systems – the Centennial, the Couer d’Alene and the Hiawatha – in the US.   Three adventurous ladies putting in maximum skating miles each day, getting fit, and  dreaming big dreams about the future of inline skating.   It was an impassioned conversation.   Why don’t more of our friends skate?   How can we bring the sport to the states many consider “unskateable”?    What’s the best way to get new skaters to feel included and build confidence needed to try an inline marathon or city event?   We’d been brought together by Zephyr Adventures to explore the wild Idaho habitat with 24 other like-minded fitness fiends.    This day, we were enjoying lunch at a lakeside beach.   At the end of our chatty siesta, I had committed to founding a skate club, earning my NSP shirt and becoming a certified skate instructor.   Laura was noodling the challenge of bringing skating to North Dakota with a huge event.  Cheryl, the social genius among us, was planning our trek (or glide) across Alaska in 2011.    Before the ball drops on 2010, I’m proud to tell you that our dreams have become reality.   Funny how fast you can move with wheels on your feet!   With the help of my ICB kin, I have become New Hampshire’s first ever National Skate Patroller and my skate club, Granite Skate, is growing slowly with determination.   Cheryl has twisted our arms and we’re signed up for the new Zephyr skating adventure in Alaska.  Laura has brought Rolling on the River, a brand new inline skate marathon, to life and has revised the lyrics to a classic holiday song for her stunningly hysterical holiday card.
It may not seem like a big deal to you, cherished reader, but to we three, it’s the essence of life.   Imagination, a wish, an open mind and the willingness to be first is all it takes.   Perfect sentiment for New Year’s Eve, don’t you think?   What will you start, or grow, or include in your life this year?   You’re here, so you skate.   Make it a bigger part of your life in 2011.   Who knows, we may see you whizzing past a glacier come June.
“own your roll”
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  1. trailsnet says:

    Hi Colleen,
    I just read about your blog on the Zephyr Adventures website and knew it would be perfect to add to the blogroll of the trails network blog.
    I have a website (link accompanies this comment) called that features family trails such as rail trails and canal trails. Many of them are perfect for inline skating. Of course one of them is the Trail of the Coeur d’ alenes in Idaho.
    If you or your readers are interested in finding good roller-blading trails, please feel free to browse the trailsnet website and/or blog.
    Also let me know if you’d like to exchanges website/blog links.
    Thanks for the great blog posts, and I look forward to reading more in the future. I’m hoping to feature your blog in one of my upcoming posts on Sunday or Monday.
    Happy trails!!
    Kevin @ trailsnet

    • iisablogger says:

      Thanks, Kevin!
      Great to have the partnership. I know our readers will be glad to know that is actively updating trail info for inline skaters. As you know, we have some special needs not shared by our friends on the big wheels (bikes). We make every effort we can to actively participate in discussions about trail planning and replanning. For example, when there is a choice between paving and stone dust or dirt, we make our voices heard to keep our paths 100% skateable. Another challenge for us that your readers could help with is this: the rails-to-trails alliance sends out surveys about trail usage. So far, inline skaters have not been included in those surveys but we are a sizeable (in the millions) group of participants. Please let us know how to get the word out. It’s a big world and we want to skate it!

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