Can You Use Inline Skating to Help You Learn to Ski

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The Concept of Learning to Ski by Skating

It has become generally accepted that you can pick up inline skating to help you learn to ski. Who knows when the first skier discovered the similarities between these two sports?

Inline skating and skiing motions share similarities

Differences between the two

One of the biggest differences between the two sports is gravity. In skiing, gravity pulls you down and you use your body to control and navigate. In skating, there’s no gravity and you’re in full control of accelerating and maintaining speed. That being said, there are many similarities.

People at all levels understand that you can use inline skating to help you learn to ski

From national ski team camps to young hopefuls out practicing with coke cans, ski racers have been using inlines for years to continue their sport specific training through the warm months without the high cost of traveling to the southern hemisphere for summer training camps.

Inline skating has beckoned skiers

Recreational skiers of all levels are also discovering how much of their skiing skills they can transfer to inline skating. The expansive world of skating draws many in specifically by the lure of skate-to-ski. It is undeniable that as you experience the feeling of your skates arcing over the smooth asphalt, sliding downhill from edge to edge, or of clearing a slalom gate fixed in a specialized base, you almost forget that it is 25°C and that the snow is months or miles away.

Instructors are available to help

Skiers all over the world are “givin’ it a go” on inlines. Some are on their own, but they and others may wish to seek out the experience of a qualified professional to help them make the transition from skiing to skating; to set up a skate-to-ski camp for the local ski club; to coach on one of the various training camps which make use of inlines or even just to get a few tips to improve for next year’s ski season.

Great opportunity for practitioners of either sport

This need for qualified skate-to-ski professionals may be just the opportunity many seasonal ski coaches and instructors have been waiting for. Who better to help people tame the black summer ice than those who make a living on its white winter cousin.

Introducing a program to use inline skating to help you learn to ski

Luckily, aside from the tried and true teachers, observation and experience, there is a systematic way to gain knowledge and understanding about the transfer of skills from skating to skiing and how to manage the skate-to-ski environment. The Inline Certification Program (ICP) has developed a sport-specific Skate-to-Ski program developed by leaders in both the Canadian and American ski industries.

Goals of the ICP

The skate-to-ski of the ICP is aimed at forming competent professionals capable of promoting, instructing and coaching all forms of cross-training for skiers, both recreational and racing, through the use of inline skates. The successful candidate will also learn excellent on-site management skills and will be able to create and execute a skate-to-ski program.

Course is based on principles

The content of this course is based on sound mechanical principles and tries to avoid the specific applications of these principles dictated by the styles of skiing and teaching advocated by various regional or national ski instructor or coaching certification bodies.

Students build their skills around fundamental concepts

Discovery discussions will evolve around fundamental concepts such as turn shape, the physical forces of a turn, biomechanical principles, etc. The group will then explore how best to approach these concepts using inline skating as a teaching or training tool. The goal is for candidates to search for the strengths of inline cross-training, rather than trying to give a ski certification course on skates.

Safety is one component

The program will also look at concepts of closed skill vs. open skill movements, skill progression & sequencing and skill analysis & intervention. Of course, they will explore special safety concerns relating to skate-to-ski.

The instructors develop a well-rounded view of skating

Finally, through group discussion the candidates and examiners will contemplate the state of our industry in terms of opportunities, obstacles, innovations. What is the future of using skating skating to help you learn to ski? This course will be an opportunity to share ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental aspects of making turns, be it on inlines, on skis or even on snowblades or a snowboard.

Courses are offered by organizations

Many high quality camps offering specialized skate-to-ski services already exist. These organizations offer obvious opportunity for the certified skate-to-ski professional. There is also much room for growth in this industry.

The entrepreneurial minded may just find themselves at the helm of their own inline cross training program for alpine skiers. No matter what you do with the information you receive at the ICP Skate-to-Ski course, you will benefit from a refreshing opportunity to be involved in three days of sharing & discovery, learning & teaching and lots of fun.

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My name is Anson Nakamura and I have been inline skating for fun for 18 years. My friends and I skate at our local skate park and we just love to skate. I have been a big fan of the sport since I was a little kid. I started with a pair of Rollerblades that I got from a garage sale. I was terrible at first, but I kept at it and eventually I got pretty good.  Now, I can do all sorts of tricks and I love skating more than ever.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of cruising around on your skates, wind in your hair.  f you've never tried skating, I urge you to give it a go. It's an incredible feeling and you might just get hooked like I did.

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