The Bare Essentials of Club Formation 

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Written By Bob Hoysgaard

by Bob Hoysgaard

Keep in mind the mission of every club: to protect the right to skate.

Any time an individual is on skates, the fun will come on its own. The purpose of club formation is to give a political voice to the skate community. Anyone can join a club, but it takes a special person to organize one. The good news is that once a solid infrastructure is established, the club will quickly grow in size and influence. “If you build it, they will come.”

Here are the ten commandments of any successful club:

  1. Club application, including reasonable dues (around $25/year)
  2. A consistent schedule of events (weekly group skates, maintenance sessions, etc.)
  3. A good meeting place, which includes parking, refreshments, and safe skate route
  4. Timely newsletter for members and community leaders
  5. Provide good example by following the IISA Rules of the Road
  6. Branch out: form a speedskating team, hockey team, town watch or NSP chapter
  7. Be active: organize competitive, charity and festive events open to entire community
  8. Make friends: align with local and national bicycling and running organizations
  9. Once organized, register and follow rules of non-profit incorporation
  10. Keep in mind that club is a lobbying force; how many votes represented by membership?
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