Triskates: What Are They & Which Ones Should You Choose?

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Introduction – Choosing Triskates

Heard of Triskates? When you start skating again after a long break, you might be surprised to see so many skates with only three wheels that look brand-new. What’s the purpose of these? They are gaining popularity, but not as skates for beginners, mind you. Why do they exist, then? Let’s take a look.


Introduction: Brief History Of Triskates

Triskates, three-wheeled, a combination of both inline skates and traditional skates, first made an appearance in the late 70s. Popular with athletes, Triskates allowed individuals to not only experience the thrills of speed from inline skating, but also the ability to turn and stunt like their traditional counterparts.

Triskate design quickly developed into different styles of hybrid skateboards which were recognized by mainstream users in the early 2000s. Today Triskate designs range from plastic-based 3-wheeler boards to highly engineered 5- and 6-wheelers crafted out of aluminum or carbon fiber – appealing to thrill seekers and recreational users alike!

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Common Skating Uses Of Triskates

1. Urban Skating / City Skating

Triscates specialize in navigating city streets and landscapes – from busy roads to winding alleyways – with agility and speed. With Triskates, skaters can quickly and efficiently traverse a city without compromising on tricks or stunts that they would perform on traditional skates. From grinds on rails or stairs to flipping off objects, Triskates provide skaters with an efficient way to own the city. 

2. Freestyle or Slalom

Two of the most common uses for Triskates are freestyle and slalom skating. Freestyle Triskates come with larger and wider three wheels that provide more stability, making it easier for the skater to synchronize jumps, spins, and overall movement with the music; meanwhile, Slalom Triskates feature small and hard wides that allow for tight maneuvering between obstacles such as cones or hills. Both types of Triskates are guaranteed to spice up your skate sessions while allowing you to practice whichever style you favor!


3. Leisure

Not only can Triskates provide better balance and control in skate parks and on the street, but they are also perfect for dance performances and stunts. The wider frame enables easier spinning, flipping, and balancing tricks, making Triskates ideal for roller dance shows or even amateur performances.

With Triskates, leisure activities like rink skating become much more dynamic; you can take jumps and curves with greater ease. It’s no surprise why Triskates are becoming more commonplace in skate parks around the world.

4. Speed Marathon

Triscates are the latest in long-distance skating gear, allowing skaters to enjoy a speed marathon with minimal effort. Triskates have quickly become popular amongst those who often use their skates mainly for leisure and fitness activities—namely because Triskates combine durability and stability with ease of use. Furthermore, thanks to advances in modern design Triskate boots feature special air cushion padding that gives you maximum comfort as you race off on your adventures!

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Difference Between Triskates To Other Skates

Triskates, sometimes referred to as 3-wheel inline skates are becoming increasingly popular among skate fans. These look like traditional inline skates with three wheels per skate, rather than the more common two-wheeled design. They provide more stability and balance than their two-wheeled counterparts, making them an excellent choice for skate beginners or those looking to progress and take their skills to the next level. Triskates also help to reduce fatigue due to their superior support, as well as making it easier to perform complicated tricks with greater control.

Triskates are an awesome way to experience skating in a new way and can be customized with different wheel sizes and configurations for a more individual-style rollerblading experience. It all comes down to preference, comparing and contrasting different features such as 3 wheel vs 4 wheel rollerblades, three wheeled rollerblades vs triskates and, inline skates 3 wheels vs 4 wheel inline skates will help you better identify what’s best for you.

Tips For Choosing The Right Triskate

1. Size Based On Height

Triskates are a new type of equipment that combines the portability of a board and the agility of skating. But what size Triskate should you get? Your Triskate size should be based mostly on your height. Triskates come in sizes that range from 27-34 inches, so be sure to measure your height before purchasing one to make sure you get the right size Triskate.

If it’s too small, it won’t be comfortable to ride or perform tricks with and can cause as much harm as good if used incorrectly. It’s recommended that Triskates fall no more than 3 inches away from the rider’s height – this way Triskates riders of any size can be sure they have an effective splash of skate performance with all their tricks!

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2. Skating Style


Triskates combine the look, speed, and maneuverability of rollerblades with the classic feel of traditional skates. Meaning they are a unique way to travel around! These are great for learning complex skate tricks and can help improve your skating style, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rolling skater.

When choosing, it’s important to consider how you want them to enhance your style – think about what sorts of maneuvers and flips they’ll need to endure. As these can be used in various disciplines such as downhill racing or freestyle slalom racing, make sure to match your version with your intended use for efficient movement and get ready for some stylish stunts!

3. Budget

Triskates can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands, so setting a comfortable price range is essential in making your choice. However, don’t let price be the deciding factor: Triskates often come with different levels of performance, parts, and comfort tailored to different price points. Also, with some patience, you can look online for postings about tri-skates for sale at a bargain. Do your research and decide which one best suits your needs and financial situation to get the most bang for your buck!

4. Brands

When selecting the right Triskate, turning to trusted brands is one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the highest quality product. Brands like TriskateX offer products with superior materials and superior construction, meaning longer rides and smoother rides on all surfaces.

Trusted brands also have customer service support just in case you may need some extra help with selection or custom orders. With a Triskate from a well-reputed brand, you can rest assured knowing that you’re buying a great product at an affordable price.


Triskates are here to stay – blending the dynamic elements of traditional skates with the freedom and agility of inline skates. There are various uses of triskates for many different types of skating, from urban exploration to leisurely cruising around a rink. When it comes time to buy a Triskate, make sure you consider your height, intended use, budget, and brand before pulling the trigger.

With the right Triskate in your hands, you can be sure that you have all the tools to explore and express yourself through skating like never before!

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