Can You Bring Your Skates on the Plane

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Check-in or don’t check-in your skates

Many people have questions about how to travel with skates on an airplane and one of the most common is whether you can you bring your skates on the plane.  Traveling with your skates is no big deal.  You essentially have one decision to make. Do you check your skates in your luggage or do you carry them on the plane?

Can you bring your skates on the plane

The soft answer is that it depends on airports and airlines

It is advisable to check with the airline beforehand to see if they have any specific policies regarding inline skates. Some airlines may require that the skates be placed in a checked bag, while others may allow them to be carried on. Similarly, some airports may have security regulations that prohibit skates from being carried through the airport. That being said, inline skates are fairly innocuous. One may assume that they’re ok to bring on the plane.

How much do you value your skates?  

If you highly value your skates and would hate to see them bent or even lost, definitely bring them on as a carry-on item.  If you have recreational skates that can stand a beating, go ahead and check them.

How much do you need your skates? 

If you are on your way to a skating marathon, you should bring your skates on the plane yourself. You won’t want to chance the airline sending them to Berlin, Wisconsin when you are flying to Berlin, Germany. If you are on your way home and won’t need them soon, you have more flexibility.

How high is your hassle tolerance factor if you bring your skates on the plane

There is no doubt that carrying your skates onto the plane is a bit of a hassle. They will easily fit in most planes except that passengers seem to be carrying more and more luggage with them and overhead compartments are getting fuller. Having no carry-on luggage can be a real pleasure, especially if you are making connections.

When packing, use clothes to pad around the skates

If you do decide to leave your skates with your luggage, pack your skates in the middle of your bag and surround them with clothes.  If you decide to carry them on, you can either purchase a skate bag or just carry them on as is.   You likely won’t have any problems at the security check, although we have heard reports of hassles in some airports.  If your skates have Velcro straps, you can generally strap the two skates together, making an easy skate holder!

Using a skate bag to bring your skates on the plane

Using a skate bag as carry-on luggage is often the best option, as it will protect the skates and make them easier to transport. However, be sure to check the dimensions and weight restrictions of the bag

Where to find a skate bag

Take a look at your local skate shop or go online to a generic retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Specialty locations like Dick’s Sporting Goods or REI are great options too.

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